Want to join a 24 hour online community that keeps you updated on consumer advice issues, gives you instant answers to your queries and provides support? – Then maybe it’s time you joined the ICA newsgroup. 


All you need is ICA membership and an email address – and as it is a Yahoo newsgroup, you can choose to read messages on the website, if you prefer.


Here’s a snapshot of what appears on the group:


  • Information on current, new and proposed consumer legislation and EU Directives

  • Requests for advice or information on cases - and all the answers

  • Details of scams, rogue traders, prosecutions, business insolvencies and recalls.

  • Information from government, regulators and business.

  • Details of consultations and opportunities to respond.


 You can also:


  • Receive information on ICA training courses and events,

  • Pose questions on issues and cases - and be sure of getting the right answer,

  • Tap into one of the most knowledgeable, helpful and practical consumer advice resources available - the combined knowledge and expertise of ICA members.


Most ICA members are consumer specialists, based in trading standards, CABx and other advice services, but not exclusively. Members also come from many other consumer related organisations. Here’s what some of them say:


 “Brilliant resource. Thanks for telling me about it.” Peter Shears, Emeritus Professor of Consumer Law and Policy, University of Plymouth.


 “It provides a quick way for consumer specialists to get the right answer to complex consumer issues.”  Amanda McTaggart Senior Fair Trading Officer, York Trading Standards.


 “A great way to keep up to date and share expertise.”  Martin Coppack, Head of Partnerships Consumer and Markets Intelligence Policy, Financial Conduct Authority.


 “Invaluable when there’s a new scam or for finding out who could help my readers.” Judith Gubbay, Freelance consumer journalist (previously Consumer Director, Good Housekeeping Magazine).


 "It's the best forum I know for getting and sharing relevant information." Melanie Hogg, Claims Management Regulation Unit - Staffordshire County Council.



Want to know more? If you have a question about our newsgroup, you’ll probably find the answers you’re looking for in our frequently asked questions or you can contact: Membership Services - You should also take a minute to read the Newsgroup Conditions.


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